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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Where are the goldfinches?

One question we've been hearing a lot lately is, "Where are the goldfinches?" The answer: "They're here!" They just may not be at your feeders in good numbers yet. According to the Christmas Bird Count (CBC) results from this year, the goldfinches numbers are the same as last year. When I have been out birdwatching, I hear goldfinches everywhere. "So why aren't they at feeders this year like they were last year?" you say? The answer could lie with the weather - not the temperature, but the lack of rain. Goldfinches eat available natural foods when they migrate into the area. When that supply is depleted, they will start seeking out new sources - many times, your feeders. Rain knocks much of the seed in trees and on weeds to the ground usually causing the goldfinches to make the feeding transition from natural to feeders earlier in the season. However, you may have noticed that we haven't had much rain in the past few months, so the trees and weeds are holding onto their seeds a little longer. Don't give up hope! After seeing 10 to 20 goldfinches at my feeders for the past few weeks, I had about 40 yesterday (1/11) and today (1/12). That trend should continue until the trees bud out again in the spring.



At 8:19 AM, Blogger Paige Robins said...

Cool blog! Maybe I can learn more about the birds at my feeder now!


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